The Bridge

A bridge over troubled water……….no, a bridge over a calm River Dee on a still January evening. A bridge not without it’s critics on aesthetic grounds, but an essential link between Kirkcudbright on the east bank and the villages and hamlets of The Stell, Borgue and Twynholm in the  west.

The calm, cold stillness is tangible, it hangs in the very air as the tide inches it’s way up the stalks and grasses at the water’s edge with barely a ripple, and the patches of snow nestle crisply amongst the tussocks. The winter world is holding it’s breath.



12 thoughts on “The Bridge

    • You hang on in vain, for verily it doth rain, soon, as you know, the rain turn to snow, so pull on your draws, board up the doors, the east wind comes soon…..I’m the prophet of doom……in any case; just go and look at your seaweed……….then you’ll know!

  1. What a stunning photo John, I love the light in the image, the reflection of the bridge in the water, and all the water in the foreground, it would have been too easy to cut that out and include the sky, which I think a lot of people would have done, but I really like that way you have composed it.

    • Thanks Leanne. I quite like high horizon lines. Sometimes it’s difficult when both sky and foreground are interesting to decide which to curtail, so I went for the foreground but darkened it a little so that it doesn’t distract too much from the bridge. The colours are ‘as was’ but I have ‘encouraged’ them somewhat!

  2. Almost looks like a large duck/swan/goose on the bit of earth sticking out there just past the foreground…seems to be watching the night-time arrive…or maybe it’s a post or something and it’s not watching anything….

    I like the photo, John…like the little bit of snow you have, too…soft colors…sweet evening….

  3. It just might be part of the new CCTV network set up by Big Brother…..but it is a post….you were factually correct…though I would rather it had been a duck…laying an egg…. I like duck eggs….

    I don’t know… The banal wondering a of the mind..

    Great to hear from you Scott.

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