A Fading Light

Last in the series of local views. The family was with us for this colourful sky and as the light was fading I slipped on rocks and found myself sitting in a puddle. This view looks towards the south west across Manxman’s Lake at the eastern edge of Kirkcudbright Bay.



5 thoughts on “A Fading Light

  1. I do hope this isn’t going to be your last sunset completely..Not been following your blog that long but really enjoyed looking at your posts, you capture all that I love , Scotland, Sunsets , Lochs and great Sceneries..Thank you 🙂

    • Hi, it’s good to hear from you. Now we don’t want to become repetitious, do we? Too many sunsets mean that I’m taking the easy route…..blogging should be sacrificial…blood, sweat and tears, slaving over a hot oven where all my sautéed scenes are baked…or half baked, when I’m in a rush.
      Thanks for the encouragement, though, I need all that I can get….

  2. Be careful with what you’re falling on, John…you still need that part of your anatomy to walk with, you know. Peaceful image…I like to watch those come into their temporal glory and then fade away…like watching a miniature lifetime complete….

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