A Clear Light

At the point where Kirkcudbright Bay meets the Solway there stands Ross Island with it’s lighthouse, and just west of there is Ross Bay. Few walkers set off from here along the coastal path and mostly it’s left in lonely isolation.

This is one of those priceless wintertime days when the sky is flawless and the light has that sharp clarity that made this area such a magnet for artists from Victorian times onwards. The sun is clearing the frost from the hollows but on the track down here, the ruts and holes are solid with fractured layers of ice: evidence that the ground temperature has been below freezing for many days. So it’s a perfect day for that walk along the coastal path, and with our breath hanging in the air we set off across the hard ground and head west……..



4 thoughts on “A Clear Light

    • Hi Scott, no. not recent. Living on the coast we don’t very often get long periods when it’s sub-zero……..excepting of course the past 2 winters…….but then, the world’s a’changin’.

      This was last year when our middle son Rob and daughter-in-law Ellie came and we walked this route….and it was a wonderful day.

      If you want a conducted tour, then just drop by anytime.

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