Watching the Sun go down on 4138


Here we are in Gujarat in 1998 and this is one of only two working steam sheds on the metre gauge in India. So the sun really is about to set on steam working on the main lines of the sub-continent. I travelled behind this locomotive later in the day. The men in the ticket office at Wankaner Junction tried to persuade me to take the bus to Morvi…’s much quicker, they said…….. but, no, this was why I was here…… travel on a steam train with my feet dangling from the doorway as we rattled through the flat countryside, passing the occasional peacock, and with the sound of Indian music drifting down the car, and the smell of coal smoke and hot engine oil that you could taste as well as smell. Bliss……..



9 thoughts on “Watching the Sun go down on 4138

    • …. and I only discovered the other route still with steam by accident on this visit, and they were all consigned to the scrap heap within 2 years, so I feel privileged to have caught them just in time.

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