One of those ‘Other Mistakes’

Right, so this is somewhat unexpected, but this is also what I do.

Drawing from life has long been a challenging way of refining drawing skills and after neglecting my observation drawing for such a long time, it’s taking me a while to ‘get my eye in’. This is a forty minute drawing in pencil on Ingres paper. Working on toned paper allows me to work on the lighter tones in white which is quite the opposite from normal. Β It’s a challenge. Buildings and similar structures are easier because divisions and forms are regular but the figure is very rarely symmetrical and the contour is continually changing. I like to think that this helps my looking when it comes to photography and the ability of black and white photography to render form always makes it more appealing than colour which often confuses rather than clarifies.

So one of those other mistakes…… to spend too much time on photography…….and on smithiesshutter……..rather than on developing my drawing and painting.



14 thoughts on “One of those ‘Other Mistakes’

    • You are absolutely right Mark, but I may have to cut back on my posting while I help with preparations for the new season at the camera club and for an open day we are having in November. I like writing as well, and this needs some research, and when am I going to do the painting that has been promised for at least the past three years…..some time management would seem to be the only way….. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks very much Adrian…….it’s very hit and miss though, and I’m lazy so I don’t always measure proportions correctly……..but it’s good to concentrate on something different for a couple of hours.

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