Lost in Karnataka

This is a small part of the legendary Vijayanagar site at Hampi. When I first visited here I stayed on the south side of the huge site at Kamalapuram, and in those days there was no high perimeter fence and I regularly walked on journeys of discovery across this impressive landscape. On one hike I was accompanied by two German girls  🙂    but we went astray in a banana plantation…..

Eventually we found our way, but after that we came to a river, and no bridge in sight. Intrepid explorers that we were, we jumped from boulder to boulder, and found ourselves at the bottom of a huge pile of house size rocks with a temple on the top. If you ever visit Hampi I can recommend the climb to the Veerabhadra Temple with its fabulous views across the Tungabhadra. It’s a very hard climb in the heat, but well worth the effort.



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