Church Yard

Those of you that have a season ticket for smithiesshutter will have travelled here on an earlier flight, and you might have recognised the lovely evening light as it casts long shadows across Dalry Churchyard. If this is your first booking, don’t be put off by my ramblings, and have a look at my earlier Dalry postings on August 15/16/21.

After yesterday’s visit to Clatteringshaws Loch in the Galloway Forest I have not had the time to process many of the HDR images from there, and similarly the events of last weekend in Kirkcudbright have left me with dozens of unprocessed sets of vintage cars and of the Kirkcudbright Tattoo. So there’s no shortage of potential pictures, just a shortage of time to lick them into shape………… thanks for dropping by……….. I’ll be getting on then………… while you have a look round…..

14 thoughts on “Church Yard

  1. Loving the lines in this image John, the nearest grave stone in line with the nearest wall the farthest in line with the farthest wall as it sweeps behind the tree, even the dappled light and shadow from the tree leads the eyes through the image, beatiful colours which all tell a story of village life. Great Job, well done 🙂



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