Who is it…..?

I had booked a taxi for several days in order to visit some remote village temples around Hasan in Karnataka. At one place I met a guy who was a guide in his own village and he offered to show me around the area. We were on our way to Javagal, a refined Hoysalla period temple which is covered in sculpture but rarely visited, and in this photo we had stopped briefly en route in a largish town as the pupils were leaving school. I suppose that taxis are not that common here and they were asking the guide where we were going, and who was that man in the back seat with a camera……….. I hope he gave them an answer that satisfied their curiosity.



6 thoughts on “Who is it…..?

  1. Very nice John, the car window acts as a perfect frame for the image, the line of boys on the right and the man’s arm and hand on the left leads the viewer’s eye to the colorful store front. The children’s expressions are so different going from intrigue to fear to suspicion 🙂


  2. Thanks Mark. You only capture a shot like this if you are in ‘shooting mode’, with the camera already at your eye, but its still a happy and fortunate conjunction. The expressions make this one.

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