Man of Character

In yesterday’s post I spoke of ‘grabbing the moment’……….. you have the camera ready but there’s a confusion of people and animals as well as a background to contend with…….. and then he turns to look past you……… so you grab the shot, all the while hoping that she will move out of the way, but she doesn’t…… so, not wishing to give up on his expression, you start trying out crops………… gradually paring down the image in the hope of finding a compromise composition….. so here is the compromise, warts and all.

Blists Hill Victorian Town, Ironbrdge Gorge Museum, Shropshire, England.



8 thoughts on “Man of Character

    • They were a friendly bunch as well…. I suppose I should have asked for a posed picture but it would have looked posed….. you can’t ask a guy to stick his tongue out and look….. look…… however he looks.. it just wouldn’t work……. in any case, speaking to strangers in the street is not always advisable….. much better to stick a camera in their face and hope for the best …… 🙂

  1. Full of the most wonderful character.. I think I would have cropped just below the horses head to make almost a square and PS the last little bit of her out.. though I hadn’t actually even noticed her until you said, so caught up was I with his face. 😀

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