We strolled down into town yesterday with friends and discovered that Aztec had been drawn up on the bank for some repairs to the rudder…… but, tired of lugging my DSLR and tripod around, I had left it at home……… you can guarantee that something interesting turns up when you don’t have your camera with you………. so I went down to the harbour later in the evening, just before the onset of further heavy rain, and took this HDR image from the landing dock.

When I can save up the necessary, it might be time to get a smaller camera that’s lighter and less noticeable, like the Olympus OM-D….. donations for this gratefully accepted…………….. LOL



15 thoughts on “Aztec

  1. It is always like that John, either you don’t have the camera with you or you just spent 10 minutes packing everything away and the best shot of the day strolls by….I try and always carry my little Lumix P&S, it may not be professional grade but it has saved my backside on more than one shoot.

    • Mmm…. it all boils down to…… I a photographer that takes photography seriously or am I a happy snapper………. frequently the latter I fear, because I hate lugging a heavy DSLR around….. so its time to start saving for a small interchangeable lens camera.
      Regards, John,

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