What is it that makes me take a photograph? Well, with the varied range of images posted on this blog, its difficult to say whether there’s a common thread or not, perhaps someone out there sees things more clearly. Maybe its beauty that I seek to capture, or something odd and out of the ordinary, or possibly its the perfect, most iconic example of a place or situation. Is it the light, atmosphere or mood, or is it more abstract ideas, like shape relationships, balance, division, weight, colour and tone. For sure, its never just one of these attributes, so perhaps its a synergy of all these, and more.

Last week I went to an exhibition of “the Lives of Great Photographers” in Kilmarnock; actually it had little to do with their lives, but a great deal to do with the iconic landmarks of  the last 175 years of photography. Daguerre, Fox-Talbot, Steiglitz, Lange, Capa, Kertesz, and many more. What common thread did I see. Strangely they were dark, seemingly underexposed, often lacking sharpness, but all were somehow precious: moments in time preserved; and all with poise.

……….and I offer you an oddly coloured boat with a rusty chain ………. somehow I don’t think poise comes into it……..



9 thoughts on “Chains

  1. One can only imagine what it used to look like when it was brand new. I bet it had poise then. It still carries a bit of it now, in my opinion.

    And look at how the rust on the chain builds downward from brown to red.

    Lovely photo. 🙂

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