Castle Sunset

If you have been making notes, you will be aware that this place has popped up before. You at the back with your hand up……… “Is it a castle, Sir?”…… almost right, I think last time you suggested that it was the Headmaster’s House, so we are closer this time.  ………. “Is it Freave, Sir?” ………. How many times do I have to tell you that ‘th’ is pronounced like the ‘th’ in thistle, you don’t call those spikey flowers ‘fistles’ do you………..Yes, I suppose you do……. Well done, Jones…

So this is Threave Castle, and its the usual HDR meld which leaves it with a nice watery evening light, and is partly the result of some jiggery-pokery with the colour channels.



7 thoughts on “Castle Sunset

      • Hello again, John…and you’re welcome…. I suppose a couple of degrees cooler is still a couple of degrees cooler and not warmer, so that must be a good thing…and I’m happy to hear that you are having some nice summer skies again….

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