At Burnfoot Bridge

I was on my way back from an evening meeting at Balmaclellan on 25 July, and was heading south on the road that runs alongside Loch Ken when I had this urge. Well, if your feverish imagination is now working overtime, you are probably correct in your assumption. After taking care of that particular urge, ………….. the real purpose of stopping at the roadside, was that I had the camera and tripod in the car. Yes, and the sun was fast disappearing so we were entering that time of twilight, and in the spirit of trying out HDR in low light, I sallied forth across the fields at the side of the Loch.

From the road, I knew that there was a waterfall amongst the trees here, and I picked it up at the point where it turned and headed for the Loch. This photo was one of a set taken on that evening. Of course, I can’t leave well alone, so it had several attacks in the form of blurred and sharpened layers and some tickling of the colours, all of which have failed to satisfy, but once again I’m out of time, so it will forever be suspended just at that moment before it becomes a great image…….

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