Blue Boat

Hi folks, and greetings from a sunny Kirkcudbright………….. sunny, yes, all day………. and some people were even going around with smiles on their faces……….. and twice I could smell sun lotion.

I worked in the Left Bank Gallery today, and one guy stood outside using the window reflection to apply his sun oil………… I find that my refection in windows has less of an appeal than it used to…….. so after I finished work, I dashed over the 25 yards to the harbour with my little camera at the ready………… trouble is, I must have taken hundreds of photos here, so its difficult to be original. Taking hand-held HDR sequences is original and risky ’cause I flap around in the lightest breeze, but here you are……….. it needed some settings to remove the ghosting as it wasn’t just me moving. The tide had only just turned and the boats were drifting this way and that as well. I hope these harbour pictures aren’t becoming monotonous……….. yesterday’s sunset view will still be fresh in your minds, so I hope that you all have short memories, and I hope the sun shines in your world today………

I would like to thank Suze from SLR, See, Love, Remember,  for nominating my blog for an award…… Thanks very much Suze. She wrote: I don’t know if you ‘do awards’, but I just want to say you have a lovely blog, so I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award– it’s simply a shout-out for good work!

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