The Road Ahead

The Great Western Railway of England was, in the 1840s and ’50s, one of the most progressive Railways in the world, and although with hindsight its possible to say that they chose the wrong course, they  did so with a grandeur of vision that few other companies matched, with the result that their locomotives were the most powerful and by far the fastest of that era. They were, of course,  following the recommendations of that greatest of visionaries, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. He built the Great Western to the 7 foot broad gauge at a time when other parts of the country were building the standard gauge, so in the end, the broad gauge was not ‘The Road Ahead’.

This view shows what a grand vision Brunel had. A replica of “Fire Fly’, designed by the great Daniel Gooch, seen at Didcot Railway Centre, about to depart along that imposing sweep of Brunel’s track……. ‘Right away, Driver.’


11 thoughts on “The Road Ahead

        • Hi Helen, we don’t visit the Highlands very often, so I know only the West Coast around Oban. The last time that I visited the Trossachs was when I was about 19, and that was at least 50 years ago!……. anywhere in Scotland is really interesting……. perhaps you might call in at some of the galleries in Glasgow or Edinburgh, they’re all well worth a visit. Currently there’s a good photographic exhibition on at the Dick Institute in Kilmarnock….. The Lives of Great Photographers……oh, sorry, it finishes at the end of August….plenty more to see though. If you are near Kirkcudbright we have an exhibition in our garage!!

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