Sunday StrollI

Blists Hill Victorian Town is a part of the Ironbridge Gorge Museum on the River Severn in Shropsire, England. If you pick your day carefully you may come across this group in their Victorian costume.

This photo has defeated me and I’ve run out of time today with preparation for our involvement in the Art & Crafts Trail in Kirkcudbright this coming weekend. It will have to do as it is, sorry, just not happy with it.



2 thoughts on “Sunday StrollI

  1. John, what’s not to like about it, the people are well lit, the colours look realistic, and its sharp. The only thought I have is the lady in pink at the back is not in ful view but that is composition and you can’t change that now.

    Would be interested to know what you don’t like about it.

    • Good question Adrian. I ran out of time with it, so although it has moved on from the original ‘bare bones and naked’ original, it has not arrived at what I had in my head. You take on a picture because you think it has some potential and sometimes you have a vision in your head that is only partly felt and so you just play around with it without a clear sense. The road was too light and some highlights were blown…. and the woman half hidden…. and the interesting, though distracting background…. and the crop isn’t quite right. You win some and lose some. Perfection is rarely achieved, though it works… reasonably…. 🙂
      Regards, John.

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