Waiting for the Rain

Waiting for the rain to stop has become this summer’s mantra. Here, we wait inside the engine shed at the Great Western Railway steam centre at Didcot, Oxfordshire, England.

The dark toning is hopefully in keeping with the vintage atmosphere and general gloom. All around us the splutter and sizzle of steam; the heat from the engine boilers; the wonderful aroma of hot engine oil mixed with coal smoke, and the oil and water underfoot, are all part of the experience that bring back my memories of ‘the good old days’.




8 thoughts on “Waiting for the Rain

  1. Hi John a lovely moody shot great view point & texture in the cobbles. Rain is much better for B&W atmosphere. I just wondered if there was any detail to be had in the engine wheels and valve gear? Andy

    • Now, now Scott………. pretty is a girl with red hair in a summer dress………… this is a dirty engine shed with a group of damp and disconsolate visitors hoping that the rain will stop so they can go home to warm beds.

      Pretty, it is not……. 😉

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