Floating Food


A difficult image to present because of its complexity. It has huge contrasts of tone and a vast clutter of utensils, fruit and people. The first thing to go was the colour, but not quite completely, just a hint remains, and then I added some toning which perhaps helps to integrate the tonal values. The vignetting,  coupled with some softening at the edges, completes the editing. Whether it all manages to reign in the images extravagances…… well that’s for you, my friends and visitors to judge.



12 thoughts on “Floating Food

    • Hi Lesley……. yes, this is true. At one point I was going to get rid of it, but I’m listening to the olympics on TV and am no good at multi-tasking…… 😉

      …. excuses, smithy……. just excuses………… you’re fired……..

  1. Whilst I agree with the above comments, I do still love the subtlety of the remaining colour. The original was probably a riot of colour, that would have been a challenge to appreciate. I wouldn’t have thought of doing this, but that’s because I am a beginner at post processing. Hopefully I can learn.

  2. Hi John,

    For me, the image needs cropping because the post directly above the blue tint confuses and draws the eye to the slightly soft face of the lady vendor. I would have gone for a tight rectangular crop from the pans upwards to include the mangoes, fruit, bottles and people in the third boat. Its a tough call though!



    • Hi Mark. Thanks, I am still not sure how to handle this image. There are any number of possible crops, and since putting in the vignetting I think that the right hand edge could go all together. This is the problem when you are in a hurry scouting around for suitable pictures without living with them for a while.
      Regards, John.

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