The Lunch


Another view from last Sunday’s visit to the Borderers re-enactment group that comes together at Buittle Tower-house, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. An example of opportunistic photography. You sit yourself down and wait to see what happens. I tried an HDR with this guy who was sitting quite still, but in the end went with this slight underexposure.



23 thoughts on “The Lunch

    • Hi Leanne, have just been looking at your fabulous photos. I am stuck with more or less ‘straight’ images with a little vignetting……. how would you process this image, I wonder…. ?

      • That is a really interesting question. I think the composition is great, though if he had looked up at you and you could see his face more, that would have made it perfect, The background, his clothes and even what he is eating his lunch with give a place in time, which isn’t right now. I remember seeing this and it really caught my eye.
        So processing, I wouldn’t do very much at all. Maybe soften it a little, very little, like using a diffusing filter, maybe bring up on the highlights ever so slightly on the face, hands and spoon. I probably would so more vignetting on the bottom, draw you in more. These are not very much and very subtle ideas. Like I have said, it is a fantastic image, and as it is, it is brilliant. I love it and would be so happy if it was mine.

        • Hi Leanne, and thanks very much for your thoughts. Posing a figure in a public place is always possible though we don’t always have the confidence and you risk embarrassing the person involved, but what’s good enough for Robert Doisneau and Henri Cartier-Bresson ought to be right for you and me as well. In this case, of course, I didn’t tell him, but next time ….
          I have gotten out of the habit of softening… used to filter landscapes often….. its generally true that we aim for sharpness rather than the opposite, but it does help to contain and focus on the salient bits….. yes, a good idea. Certainly a stronger vignetting at the bottom is required though I find the settings in Adobe Bridge not quite comprehensive enough to darken the lighter parts of an image and probably need to use a multiply filter on these areas.
          Very interesting. Your time and consideration are very much appreciated Leanne; I know you lead a hectic life, but your commitment to photography is highly valued.
          Thanks again, regards, John.

  1. This has such a timeless, candlelit quality to it. From the blue cap down to his boots with the spoon in the middle, you have caught him so thoroughly at home in this space of shadow and light. What a beautiful shot!

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