The Borderers are a re-enactment group that comes together at Buittle Tower-house, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. This photograph was taken on Sunday last as they took a break after having prepared a meal for the high table in true 16th Century style. I hope that the charming young lady concerned will get in touch, so that I can let you know her name. A place well worth visiting. See their website at     http://www.theborderers.info/index.html



4 thoughts on “Waiting

    • Hi again Noeline, its good to hear from you. I agree, and posing a model is the most difficult. Here I was very lucky because she was sitting in a dark interior with light streaming through a large barn door, and she turned as I was taking several shots. Fortunate also with the white against the beautiful dark browns and purple.

  1. Hi John, it was lovely to meet you on Sunday at Buittle. As promised I popped by here to look at your blog – and after all your efforts on the day, its great to see the finished product! Is there any chance you could send me a copy of the image please? Hope to see you again at a future “Borderers” event.

    • Hi Tracy, its good to hear from you. I hope that you feel that I’ve done you justice. It was, as usual, a very interesting and worthwhile event to visit. The ‘Borderers’ are always a beautifully presented and friendly bunch. I’m more than happy to email you a copy of the photo.
      Regards, John.

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