Plantain Seller


The Temple Elephant at the Virupaksha Temple dearly loves bananas, and so quite naturally the banana seller sitting by the temple gateway does a roaring trade.

Hampi, Karnataka, India.



15 thoughts on “Plantain Seller

    • I regret Margarita that I am unable to provide an answer to your question about the size of bananas, nor can I give a definitive response about everything in the Americas compared with everything everywhere else, but I am reliably informed that size does not matter, and also that small ones are tastier, though I will readily accept that I can neither confirm or prove either statement to be true. I hope that I have provided you with an answer of sorts…. best regards, John.

      • Well, if the small ones are tastier, then size DOES matter! lol Perhaps it’s a matter of terminology. In Venezuela, where I’m from, those things in the basket are a type of bananas. Plantains (or platanos as I know them) are large, starchier, less sweet and harder to peel. Language is an interesting thing…Thanks, John! All the best, M

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