Dodgem Doubts

When the fair comes to town, not everyone you want to be there;  ……… is there.

He said, ‘See you at 5.30 by the dodgems’. What if he doesn’t come.  How shall I face Mum again? ‘He won’t be there,’ she said, ‘you won’t ever see him again, stupid girl; he won’t give you a penny.’

He’s got to come, he hasn’t seen Melissa, Oh, please Tom.

‘Who you watin’ for darlin’?’


‘He left when we were in Gretna, went off to see his girlfriend……. sorry luv.’

She makes her way across the road with tears in her eyes. As she rounds the corner by the estate agents a bedraggled bunch of flowers is thrust in her face. ‘Sorry I’m late Helen, only I left me suitcase on the bus.’………..



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