Castle Kennedy

Castle Kennedy has been in this ruinous state for almost 300 years. It was built in 1607 but a fire in 1716 gutted the castle and although the Earls of Stair built a replacement in 1864 further to the west in the form of Lochinch Castle, the original has never been rebuilt.

The story goes that the laundry maid was airing bedding in preparation for the return home of the second Earl of Stair, when the bedding caught fire, and the castle was destroyed.

Following from a recent visit to Castle Kennedy and the posting of a view of ‘The Door’ on July 8th, I had an exchange of comments with fellow blogger Scott. As it happens Scott is a writer as well as a photographer and I suggested, tongue in cheek, that he might write a story about Castle Kennedy.

That story now appears on a new page-link, ‘Writings’ seen in the top menu bar. Please have a look at this and also visit Scott’s blog at ..



7 thoughts on “Castle Kennedy

  1. That’s a beautiful photo, John…adds to the mystery and drama of all the stories that might be told of the place. Thank you for the introduction to your other blog friends…and thank you for your encouragement, as well. 🙂

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