Garden Stores

A row of workshops and garden stores that serve the extensive estate at Castle Kennedy Gardens, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.


Ah………. that’s much better without the sky………. editing on the fly

Having given it some thought, I’ve now done as I ought.  Thanks Helen, you confirmed, when I felt I had erred. So to cover my shame, I made this bad rhyme.



15 thoughts on “Garden Stores

    • Thanks Andy. On reflection I think that I quite like a crop of the lower half of this image. The tree acts as a stop to the recession but it feels too much of a distraction and leads us away from the lovely ground and building textures.

    • Yes it is, and the more stable for it, but there is a sublime triangle in the second also, though on its side. Its remarkable how we see these things when the visual clues are so slight. This is the joy of aesthetics. Most of the time an image ‘just feels right’ without us needing to dig deeper to find out why. Thanks very much for digging deeper.

  1. I think I prefer the first image. I really like the tree and the greater sense of scale it offers (not that there’s anything wrong about the second photo in and of itself).

  2. I like both, John…find them each to be beautiful. While my initial reaction was to agree that the second shot was better because the open sky and tree distracted us from the aged and wonderful building, I had to reconsider the open-ness of sky and the upper tree as providing some perspective…so I won’t choose. So nice….

    • Thanks John, yes, both work but I favour the first with the tree now. The ground and old brickwork really do have a strong tactile quality and I think that you can thanks HDR for that.

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