The Photographer

John, a member of the Glenkens Photography Group, busies himself with his camera as I attempt a multiple exposure for an HDR composite.. As my camera settings for taking a series of bracketed exposures is limited to just 3 exposures at 1EV either way, I manually adjusted the exposure values between each of the 5 images. This takes two or three seconds between each exposure and, as I didn’t tell John that he was ‘in the picture’, of course, he moved. Fortunately the first of the sequence was the darkest -4EV, and I used this to form his image in the composite. At one point there were six tripod legs and three human legs.

At first glance it would be natural to assume that this was a normal, single exposure but the camera is not capable of registering the patches of sunlight as well as the detail in the shadows that we see here.

Lowran Glen, Loch Ken, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.



2 thoughts on “The Photographer

  1. Alas, the confounded trials of moving HDR. I think you did well to select the best exposure for putting him in the photo. The same can be applied to the light areas to keep them in check with the dark. Try painting them in. 🙂

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