Birch Grove LBSCR

This post is for Lesley who likes steam locomotives. Taken in the south of England, I forget where but someone will hopefully remind me. LBSCR stands for the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway which merged together with other south of England railways into the Southern Railway in 1923.

9 thoughts on “Birch Grove LBSCR

    • Thanks Scott…….. this was before my time…… but in my time I spent a good deal of time chasing these things around the country. That special smell of steam, smoke and engine oil must have infected me from an early age.

      • You’re welcome, John…and I understand how those things can get into one’s brain, causing a desire to be near them, and making them a part of one’s life. What a fun pursuit….

  1. You’ve handled the toning wonderfully. To do so takes taste, which is often linked with restraint.

    • … restraint is for the faint hearted….. Oh, er, and what does ‘taste’ mean………… chocolate….. I do so like the taste of chocolate………. I’m afraid there’s no restraint when it comes to chocolate….. 🙂
      ……. and thanks for your kind words.

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