….. wind force four, with squally showers ….


A shaft of sunlight catches the thundering sea, as a squall of rain from a scurry of dense rain clouds, assails the wind swept coast of Yorkshire.

Whitby, North Shore, Yorkshire, England.

18 thoughts on “….. wind force four, with squally showers ….

    • …. its well past my bedtime…. LOL

      Olympus E510 with 14-42 standard lens (now using mid range lens which is heaps better)
      ISO 100, 1/80 s at F/ 22.0, Exp Compensation -0.7, saturation +2, manual exposure mode, sharpness – soft, Adobe RGB
      I doubled up the sky and immediate foreground, filtered with multiply with quite a bit of transparency, and softened one layer to get rid of some of the grain, then in Bridge did some luminance NR, again for the sky. Some sharpening in PS. This probably could have been achieved fairly well by underexposing more in the camera, but the camera recorded the dynamic range from sun to shadow quite well and with little or no loss of highlight. I could show the original but won’t because what you see here was as much the reality as the original. You know that a camera as a tool has its own way of recording and sometimes it distorts reality because of the way its metering and dynamic range is set up. As a print it would probably need a contrast boost because of the more limited dynamic of paper compared to a monitor, especially with the brightness turned right up.
      Its all subjective………. I am an artist…….. I interpret…….and sometimes cock up…. 🙂

      Regards, John.

      • …. Oh, and of course saturation adjustment, and vignetting, but you can see that….and it was a jpeg file because my old Mac couldn’t deal with raw files……. and now its Wednesday and I have to take the car to the garage…… sleep well

  1. Oh, that is beautiful, John…it was nice to glance at all of the technical stuff above, but I love the result…that’s what speaks to me (at this point). I can hear the waves crashing and feel the wind stinging my face…wow….

  2. Thanks Scott………. I was just a little pleased….. 🙂

    Its great to discover something originally overlooked…. probably because my ideas and thoughts about photography have moved on.

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