Village Scene

A sea mist blankets the coast of Yorkshire as we search for the farm where my father-in-law worked as a teenager. We did eventually locate it just north of Whitby though this is not it, but one of those attractive and old-world places that we passed through.

17 thoughts on “Village Scene

    • ….. and wink, wink……… not sure what you’re nudging me for Lesley, unless you know who lives in that house down there in the mist…….. a sense of mystery, perhaps….. ?

  1. I really like the POV on this image John, the walls and tree line draw the eye to the cottage nicely. The only thing I would do differently is darken the outer edges somemore and maybe add some grain for greater impact πŸ™‚



    • Spot on comment Mark. Its swings and roundabouts. I like the misty soft light against the trees and a vignette would limit this, but the ground area certainly needs to be darker. I should have seen this but I didn’t ‘live’ with this shot for long enough before posting. I wonder whether grain would lessen the impact of the shadow tones and also reduce the delicate sharpness of the small leaves and grasses. I rarely add grain so it doesn’t often spring to mind as an option. Thanks for pointing this up.
      Regards, John.

  2. John, you know I am a big fan of B&W and I can say that this photo is one of my favourites! Fantastic capture, the play of light, hint of mist/fog coupled with the dof pulls you right down the path and into the photo. Kudos.

    • There are so many interesting places and things to photograph and some are best interpreted as mono and some as colour. This was insignificant as a colour image and it was the composition potential that drew me to define it thus. Thanks Adrian for your comment.

  3. Well…you started it with your “archetypal stuff.” πŸ™‚

    I’m very happy that you’ve been reading my earlier posts, John…touched actually. Thank you…and for your kind words, as well. I used to write quite often, but not so much anymore…I could offer reasons or excuses, but won’t. I do appreciate your encouragement, though….

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