Dark Clouds Over Filingdales Moor

A landscape that’s so typical of England; rolling hills and a patchwork of fields. This is, of course, God’s Own Country, as the people of Yorkshire would have you believe, where the village of Filingthorpe nestles in the valley that leads down to the coast. The neat church had a churchyard full of summer flowers when we went searching out family gravestones here. The clouds are pressing in and rain is not far away. This is England, after all.

9 thoughts on “Dark Clouds Over Filingdales Moor

  1. So pretty, John, and yes, iconic of what we foreigners might imagine when trying to visualize this part of the Isles…. I so prefer this over that particular parcel of dirt that Texans refer to as “God’s country….” Thank you for your offering, my friend. 🙂

    • Hi Scott, as ever a pertinent and welcome thought from you…. Yes, I chose this as an archetypal piece of England just to encourage y’all there to pop over here and visit this bit of God’s Own…… And it’s only ‘pretty’ when it’s not raining…….. LOL

      • Hello again, John…had I the resources, I would be over there filling my camera with archetypal images of the country…with or without the rain. It’s always a pleasure visiting with you…..

  2. My favourite part of this image, weirdly enough, is the road that dissects the lower half of the image. I love its texture and the way it breaks up what would otherwise be a big block of green.

    • Hi Lesley, perhaps the middle ground needs adjusting a little as that’s the only part of the image where HDR has an impact, but its hardly a case of steroids, I try to keep off the tablets. A nice glass of red wine suits me better.

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