Corner of the Tea House

A highly selective image where I have chosen to major on geometry, form, structure, division, colour and texture.

The location is Ritsurin Coen, Takamatsu, Japan.

10 thoughts on “Corner of the Tea House

  1. We’ve just visited the tea house again and discovered that if you sit where the Samuri Lord would have sat (in the centre of the room), the wooden posts line up. Instead of seeing twelve posts, they line up and you only see four – which means the Samuri Lord would have had clear and undisturbed view of the ponds. Love the way the Japanese use the building to frame the view outside.

    • Hi Damian, great to hear from you. The Japanese philosophy of architecture has influenced all the great western architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, particularly for domestic architecture. It would be nice to be sitting there now!

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