A Galloway Landscape

The second image to be shown here using multiple exposures and an HDR merge using Photomatix. I have always baulked at HDR because of the false image quality, though it does seem to suit some subject matter better than others. I have only started using this software over the past three days and as usual, it takes a while to find out what it can do. There are always issues to deal with.  I don’t like to have halos around objects and this can happen when something moves while you are taking the separate exposures or around the edge of dark/light contrasts as with the trees on the right. I do like the strong graphic quality in this picture and it also has quite a strong 3D projection of the branches against that tortured looking sky. The software allows many different interpretations, and I have done some more natural images which I may post later.

This photo was taken two days ago in the hills north west of Castle Douglas, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland. It was a beautiful summer’s day on Wednesday, unlike yesterday and today when the rain has been bucketing down. The tower is an old estate water tank, now disused.

15 thoughts on “A Galloway Landscape

  1. Beautiful photograph, John…has a bit of an “otherworld-ly” sense to it (if that’s even a word), but I think you described why that might be in your narrative.

  2. Beautiful shot, John – always wanted to go to Scotland! You will enjoy Photomatix, it may take a little to get used to the controls, but it’s probably one of the best HDR programs out. I also dislike the halos – ‘smooth highlights’ will usually help with that, then you can punch up the contrast or levels in PS.

  3. John, thanks for liking my work on my site. FYI, playing with the images in photoshop in post-pro helps a ton with the HDR. I’m sure you know that, but remixing an original back in can change everything for you.

    • Thanks very much………… photography is always an adventure……… I have remerged the original which can help with image density………. and could play around with one image for an eternity……… its all about decisions……… and trying to be decisive…

      • Then you’re much further along than you think with the HDR. Re-merging is key, especially doing so selectively with each original. Then again, it’s really a beautiful thing when your original merge on PS or Photomatix comes out near flawless. For me, that only happens once in a long while. I try to limit myself to less than 2 hours on any particular image. Embrace the HDR!

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