In the Wicklow Mountains

An experiment in high dynamic range, the original colour file of this picture was revised as three separate images files, each of a different tonal range. The dark tones were lightened, the mid tones lightened just a little, and the lightest tones were darkened considerably, then the three separate files were recombined using Photomatix Pro. Afterwards there was some adjustment to the sharpness in Photoshop. This was my first step in a mono HDR image. Over the past few days further experiments in taking and combining sequences of exposures have been attempted………. and if you promise not to laugh, I might place them before your discerning gaze!

The title says it all. A photo taken in the Wicklow Mountains.

8 thoughts on “In the Wicklow Mountains

  1. Great image, and as Mike says, this is not an overdone HDR. I like how you have enhanced the volume and light with this technique.

    • Hi Mark, thanks for dropping by so regularly. I was very surprised that it was possible to do a version of HDR with just the one image. Not sure it would work with a colour version but it has certainly improved on the original straight mono conversion. Regards, John.

      • Hi John,
        You are very welcome; I really enjoy the interaction and always appreciate the opportunity to learn from others.

        Your work is an inspiration to me and I’m sure to many others too.

        Best Regards


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