The Chicken…..

…… after the turkey, comes the chicken…….to strike fear into the population……… he’s eying it up…….. but is he going to clobber the chicken with that piece of wood…….. the tension is building………. see next weeks exciting climax of……  The Day of the Chicken….

6 thoughts on “The Chicken…..

  1. Oh, that’s a her. You can tell by the silver anklets she is wearing. And she is so cute & curious. Great shot.
    In India mother decorates infants & toddlers with a black dot on the cheek since they believe that the dot wards off evil & evil eyes. I know it’s crazy. This shot reminded me of my childhood pics when my mom decorated me with little anklets, bangles, black dot on my right cheek and a bright red bindi on my forehead. You’ve made my day John.

    • Hi Vandana, thanks very much for your correction and especially for linking it with your own life experiences. Your comment gives added value to our sharing of photos, so thanks again, regards, .john.

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