Time to go home from Robin Hoods Bay

Time to go home…….. and its an interesting walk up the narrow winding streets from the small slipway at the foot of the town.

So its time to empty the bucket of crabs and collect up belongings……….. and just watch that Grandma doesn’t slip on the seaweed…..let’s see if the Bar at the Bay Hotel sell fish and chips………. haven’t we had a lovely day………… come on…….. no more photographs…. let’s eat.


16 thoughts on “Time to go home from Robin Hoods Bay

  1. I absolutely thought this was a vintage shot 1950’s all the way…. excellent ! though I think you could have cut just a little more off the featureless sky John because I think it draws the eye too much with it’s brightness 🙂

  2. I’m not sure why, exactly, but it reminds me of photographs from the last war in your country..maybe the pools of standing water with building reflections and the sepia tone…it’s a beautiful photo, strikes me as very moving…even with the intact buildings.

    • Thanks for your interesting comment……. And sorry for delay in acknowledging it….. We have been away and blogging contact was not always easy…… Sepia is utterly timeless, and with period architecture it’s difficult to date an image like this….. Thanks again, regards, John.

      • You’re very welcome for the comment, John…and no problem with the delay…life is much bigger than our blogs. I do agree with you about the sepia, it is timeless…and adds so much to the shot.

  3. I dont know how i missed this shot John!

    I really love this image, it’s so full of life and takes me back to my childhood, spending all day in the rock pools, catching fish and crabs then eating a bag of fish and chips as the sun went down….Ah, they were the days 🙂



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