Have Your Say on Whitby Abbey….

My earlier post on Whitby Abbey has upset some of my dear friends who had their say on the strange coloured version of the Abbey that was posted on May 27th. If you have time go and see what they said.

They asked to see the original photograph. I felt under pressure……. you know my honour was at stake…

To see this, and some other versions of the picture, there’s a new page located on the menu bar at the top called……..  ‘Theme & Variation’.

There you can have your say, spit feathers, or make erudite endlessly……. you are welcome without fear or trepidation …….. all my knives are blunt…

…… and isn’t this what Blogs are all about….. an interchange of views and ideas…. challenging and disagreeing… as well as ‘liking’ … !


8 thoughts on “Have Your Say on Whitby Abbey….

  1. An interesting composition – I’ve not seen it with a view of the distant headland. When I visited, I tended to concentrate on the bog-standard ‘reflection in the lake’ approach, which has been done to death – yours gives a wider perspective of place and location – ie how near to the sea it is.

    • To tell the truth, I was not wanting to pay the entrance fee on that day (we had had an expensive day) so I took the photo from the top of the surrounding wall, and as my lens isn’t long enough, I had to crop quite a bit. Thus everything is a fudge and a compromise, but sometimes it works. I firmly believe that much of my photography is the result of serendipity….. 🙂
      Regards, John.

  2. I like both of them John. No complaints here 🙂 I visited Whitby last year on Holiday. Well we drove past and stopped to have a look on our way up to Scotland. I only visited it once before when I was in primary School. I was not so photograph minded then and so I didn’t take any but that holiday was what started me thinking about photography. We drove up from Whitby to Holy Island and then up to Berwick where we camped for the night. The next day we drove across Scotland, past Ben Nevis across on the Ardgour Corran ferry and down winding roads to take the ferry to Mull.. We stayed on Mull a few days and then ended up camping for a week on Iona.

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