Christchurch Priory

Two views of Christchurch Priory, Dorset, England. The Priory has a long history stretching back to 1094 and even before that there was a Saxon church on the site. From 1094 until the dissolution of the monasteries in 1539 it was an Augustinian Priory. From the dissolution up to the present day the church has served the people of Christchurch as their Parish church.

10 thoughts on “Christchurch Priory

    • Thanks Scott. Yes, churches can be very spiritual places. This particular one has a very good website with a 360 degree tour….. Which gives some odd distortions to the interior spaces.
      Regards, John.

      • You’re welcome, John…and I am left to wonder now if your particular use of the word “can” is as weighted as it appears to be…and would have been if I had chosen to use it in such a manner….

        • How can you not sense the prayer history and centuries of worship which makes a precious mark on those who spend time in such places. The spiritual world breaks through in other places too…. the cold haunted corridor….. the place where a ‘great evil occurred’ …. and so on

          To those of a sensitive disposition, that is……. 🙂

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