Barn Decay

The first two pictures were taken at High Banks Farm around the old Coo Parlour which is quietly decaying. All these are quite selective views in that they show only small details.

This final photo was taken outside a rather fine barn near the village of Borgue. Maintaining large farm buildings must be a continual headache, so many fall into picturesque decay.

Location….. the environs of Kirkcudbright, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.

13 thoughts on “Barn Decay

    • Thanks Stephen…. actually the originals are much more sharp…… reducing the file size for posting means that the fine detail gets lost and I always have to sharpen them but they never quite look as good as the original, probably because sharpening is achieved by altering the contrast ratios and this can affect the colour and tonality. Even so I don’t post full size because of upload time and for security. If someone wants to use an image they are limited to how large they can reproduce it. I have sold images for graphics via WordPress and sent them the full size file.
      Regards, John.

      • Hi John

        Most of my photos are about 4 megs is size. Sometimes after I process them they drop to about 2 megs. Hmmmmm Am I doing something wrong here :-)) The processed file always looks better I think…. ponders again for thought!

        • Hi Stephen….. don’t suppose there’s any hard and fast rule here…. whatever works. Just checked these 3 pics and each is between 1MB and 1.3MB. I usually target 1000 – 1200 pixels across in landscape or 800-900 across if its a portrait format.
          Regards, John.

  1. John,
    the bottom photo of the peeling paint and wild flowers is just lovely. I think that the vertical lines of the wooden planks lie well with the line of the plants, and that the colour of the peeling paint sits well with the colour of the plants.

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