Whitby Waterfront

This photo appeals to me because of its complex geometry of divisions in which there is a montage of pictures within pictures. Also I like the layering of the spaces which are produced by the varying tonal densities ……. and finally I like the progression of figures that lead the eye into the picture space, and how this is checked by the many verticals in the composition. There are many relationships and juxtapositions which animate this scene and some of them are things of the real world, and some are the elements of line, mass, tone, density, division and scale.

This is how I read images………….. and I’m still taking the tablets……..

Photo of Whitby Harbour, Yorkshire, England.

10 thoughts on “Whitby Waterfront

  1. I really like your analysis of the composition and i feel as if this photo would make a great puzzle to build because there are so many lines and subjects. I was in Whitby the other day (Whitby, Ontario, Canada that is).

  2. LOVE this picture!! Yes, I agree it would make a great puzzle. A lot going on but not distracting. Something I’d enjoy looking at for a long time and still find something new. Great, great picture. I was wondering if you could email me, please. I have some questions regarding some photos that I’d very much appreciate your opinion/critic. I appreciate it. I greatly appreciate your sight!

    • Thanks Cathy, I would be happy to look at and comment about your work. Am busy this weekend but will be in touch on Tuesday. Thanks very much for your appreciative comment.
      Regards, John.

  3. I love the picture. It’s really amazing. However what really intrigued me is your description of the picture. I have to say that you have described it in such a perfect way that it left me spellbound. Great composition!

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