Stumbling around in the dark, after driving down past The Lake was not the most profitable use of time. At least the moon was full so I managed to avoid falling over something. Why stumble around?……. well there had been an aurora alert and I was hoping the sky might be clear enough for some light shows. No such luck, there was cloud cover with only a few clear patches, and in any case the bright moon would have made observation difficult……. so what do you do…… can’t go home with nothing in the camera…ahh well….. it’s better than nothing…………  Tree by Moonlight …. as you will see, it was also breezy. You win some….. you lose some…….!

4 thoughts on “Moonlight

  1. I still like it. In the last year I have taken probably 100 shots from my backyard, similar to this one. Always looking for better. My point, you got me with the powerline going across. They seem to take a rather boring shot and give it action in contrast against tree limbs. Unfortunately I cut down the big central tree and now the powerlines are just overkill. But less leaves to pickup in the fall!

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