Four Aihole-Village Women

Now from a previous post, you will know that one of my favourite small towns in India is called Badami which is in Karnataka. In fact it’s a great place from which to explore the region. About 33 km east-north-east of Badami is the village of Aihole. In and around the village are over eighty temples and it’s the perfect place for a day-trip. At the cross-roads in the village-centre is the famous Durga Temple and Museum. This is where all the coaches stop…. it used to be a quiet place a few years ago…. ah well…. it helps the local economy……. so if the place is busy …. actually it’s not too bad….. you could try walking around the village. You might be invited to join in with the kids’ cricket game.

I love this photo. Four women relaxing in the middle of the morning. The gentle, easy and contented smile of the woman on the left says it all.

A gentle reminder also that all my images are copyright, and may only be used with permission, thank you.

10 thoughts on “Four Aihole-Village Women

    • You’re always welcome. Plenty of inspiration for writing when travelling in India….. the people you meet, the things they say…. I hope you get to go soon.

  1. I love the little details in this image; the woman in the forefront holding her foot, how 2 are looking at the camera and 2 are tending to business. Lovely comp and tones.

  2. Hey john , the women in this photograph is my grandma….the lady on front is my relative.
    I am very happy to see my grany on internet .:)
    thanks again .

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