Left Home ….

With glass crunching underfoot and debris from broken floor boards and ceiling plaster making entry into this abandoned farm house difficult I stood in the hallway looking at the holes in the roof. This was once someones home. The stairs are covered in plaster, dust and dirt and the upper floor has collapsed with just a few skeletal remains of joists that contrast darkly with the bright blue sky above……. and there is a brooding and uncomfortable feeling here that encourages me to take my few pictures quickly and then hurry back out into the overgrown garden and early spring sunshine….. someone’s home, left………………….. someone’s left home.

10 thoughts on “Left Home ….

    • Yes…. very sad. The lives lived, the laughter, children’s feet, the postman calling. Memories etched, maybe in the decaying stone…they’re still there, you know. I could sense it…

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