Waiting Room

Modern life can be hard edged and bland. It can be white and clinical and the open spaces, impersonal.

Put people into the equation and it is softened and humanised. This is a glass and stainless steel waiting shelter on the platform at Takamatsu Railway Station. I like the layers of space and line that neatly box the city streets beyond.

6 thoughts on “Waiting Room

  1. Ahh……. now I’m on your wavelength…..’seeing’ is an acquired skill…. it’s like going around with sets of specifications in your head which allows ‘looking’ to turn into ‘matching’ and then ‘seeing’ and can be sparked off by all your experiences coming together at one juncture…… as you say …. ‘those poignant moments’. And it transforms ‘a nice view’ into a vision of aesthetic enlightenment. Sometimes you can work on auto pilot, and only afterwards realise why you took the picture…… like this one at Takamatsu. That’s the trouble with photography, there’s often very little time to think. Painters have much more time to contemplate, but in essence we are after the same thing.

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