Broken Conversation

The tactile feel of the different stone surfaces and the syncopated rhythm of these stones are like a broken conversation, endlessly changing their relationship with one another and chattering away under a peerless sky: like they have for the last thousand years.

This is Cairn Holy on the Galloway Coast.

4 thoughts on “Broken Conversation

  1. Olympus E510 with 14-54 Zuiko Digital + great light + a little processing.

    If I have an image with a little potential then it gets a work over. I’m not a purist. Those who consider Photoshop to be the work of the devil fail to recognise that image manipulation was a Victorian pastime…… see William Lake Price, ‘A Manual of Photographic Manipulation’ 1858.

    I hope my comments are not a disappointment to you ….. and thanks so much for your appreciative comments.


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