Boat Patination

….. pat•i•na ….. • an acquired change in the appearance of a surface•

……its all a question of selection …. •what•  we select…. and •why• ….. and •how•

  • I have selected the side of a boat, the Argus, I think, sitting on the dockside of Kirkcudbright Harbour…..
  • Because it reminds me of abstract expressionism …..
  • By stitching together two images: and then by cropping have suggested a formal relationship between the two parts

…. which you might ponder

…. pon•der….. •think about (something) carefully, esp. before making a decision or reaching a conclusion•

2 thoughts on “Boat Patination

  1. Having just seen the documentary on Gerhard Richter, and a local production of Joh Logan’s “Red”, his play on Mark Rothko, your paired images are a fantastic bit of abstract expressionism! Love it

    • Richter’s paintings, many based on photographs, are powerful and unsettling. He has just had a major retrospective at Tate Modern.

      Rothko like most artists struggled with the dichotomy between what he wanted to express in his work and what ‘sells’. Galleries will often push you down a road that you don’t want to go. This is also true with photographers. Its so easy to fall into the cosy and more profitable ‘showing what you know will sell’ rather than showing images that many may not appreciate or understand … and its so easy to become disdainful about ‘nice landscape photography’ ….

      Thanks for your comment ….

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