Golden Valley

The Golden Valley is the name given to the valley of the River Dore in western Herefordshire, England. It lies in the lee of the Black Mountains, Wales. The main villages are Dorstone, Peterchurch, Abbey Dore and Ewyas Harold. It’s easy to see how the French ‘d’ore’ which means ‘of gold’ came to be associated with the River Dore, and thus gave the name to the whole valley. Even without that derivation, it is indeed a golden place with it’s fertile patchwork of fields set among graciously rolling hills with their agreeable swathes of woodland.

This view looking west was taken on a beautiful bright and sunny winter’s day when the frost still lay in the hollows, and a luminescent mist filled the floor of the valley.

3 thoughts on “Golden Valley

      • I love walking in them…yes, promises for good photos, too…but I love being out in the mountains, and even down country lanes when there’s a mist about…. Stay warm, my friend. 🙂

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