Dairy Door

In local parlance the correct title might be “Coo -parlour Door”, but that was in its former life. As you will notice, the door has seen better days, in fact the whole building is derelict, so a visitor there risks several tons of slate together with rotten timber on their head.

Initially I had intended to place the original colour picture here for it has interesting combinations of green mould together with peeling flecks of red, blue and green paint. After converting to mono in Adobe Bridge and adding a subtle duotone and then grain, that became the preferred presentation mode. I do miss the days of bleaching and toning prints and regret disposing of my dark room equipment. I don’t, though, miss the lengthy preparation and cleaning up that was required. The photograph was taken at High Banks Farm, near Kirkcudbright in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

2 thoughts on “Dairy Door

  1. This is quite a visual tease with the base of the left side wall merging into the ground, in contrast with the lighter tone of the wood panelling which is more defined. Great compostion and lovely tonal qualities John.

  2. Thanks Jenny, I am amazed how much better it looks than the original colour version …. and that’s thanks to looking at Simon’s work …… I even borrowed his toning colours! …. thanks Mr. R …

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