Sunset on the A75

2011 was a year of record rainfall for Scotland and glimpses of the sun were all we had ….. no actually that’s not absolutely the honest truth ….. but you get the picture …. see also the Stewartry Camera Club website for some photos of the stormy weather we’ve had as well … its been a fun year!

This view was an act of desperation because I didn’t have my tripod with me ….. and it also is not entirely the truth, but I’ll leave that for you to fathom …

4 thoughts on “Sunset on the A75

  1. O.K. so it may not be a magical scene of snow covered mountains ….. but its what photography is about. Its more than a record shot though, it has atmosphere and a film-like quality and its what that moment looked like. No other medium would be concerned to record passing moments like this; ordinary, maybe, humdrum certainly, but photography should be about capturing the way the world looks as we blindly rush through it. …… John

  2. No, my friend…not ordinary and not humdrum, certainly. I hope to never use a tripod if this is what I can aspire to in not using one…. I love the shot with the headlight-flare on the lens, if that’s what it’s called. May this encourage us to open our eyes, then, and not be so blind as we rush through our lives. Thank you, Sir John…so pretty.

    • Mmmm…….. sorry but its all totally false…… the flare that is………. my old Photoshop 7 had lens flare effects which they seem to have removed from later versions. What is true is that it was hand held….. the good old days…….. now I take a zonking big tripod around with me …………. punishment for trying HDR.

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