Temple Textures

Temple Textures


Sometimes the prevailing lighting in places like this is just lovely, but often you know that your camera just can’t cope with the wide range of light and either you don’t even attempt to capture it, or you come away disappointed with the results. This, of course, was taken before I even knew what HDR was, let alone tried to use it and although occasionally I would have bracketed a couple of shots in the hope of success, the idea of merging them together, for me anyway, was very rarely attempted. The only software I was using then was Photoshop 7 and I don’t think that it had the facility to merge images like you can now, and today I’m very happy to have access to Photomatix Pro, though maybe like me, you go through phases of working in HDR and you have to go out shooting in a more considered and planned way to make the best use of it, and most of the time I just grab shots to make the most of an unexpected opportunity, rather than making a more considered approach……I guess that both ways can serve us well but I do need to be a better organised, better structured photographer.

This 2004 photo was taken on my first digital camera, a Minolta Dimage 7, which actually did a very good job and I liked its colour rendition. Minolta replaced my first camera after it developed a fault, so I was impressed with their service. Since then I have worked with Olympus cameras, and really enjoy my OM-D.

Angkor Wat is one of those must visit places. I think it was at the Bayon where there’s a carving of a stegosaurus on one of the door mouldings……!



C 62 2

C 62 2


Kyoto has some fine attractions including the railway museum and we visited here while staying with friends in Takamatsu. The contrast between the museum and the modern railway station in Kyoto is extreme and visiting both places is very worthwhile. There are some more posts to be found on this blog that include views in Kyoto, Takamatsu and other locations in Japan, so if you are interested, just put in a search at the top of the right hand sidebar.

When we visited the museum there were two locomotives in steam that were running up and down the small passenger line, though it would be fantastic to see one of these mighty engines in full cry out on the main line with the sound of the exhaust echoing back from cutting sides and bridges. What a sight that must be.



The Hills & Waters of Galloway

The Hills & Waters of Galloway


Knockbrex Viewpoint provides the vantage for this shot looking west across Fleet Bay towards the Galloway Hills in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.

South West Scotland is a lovely place to live, and the Fleet Estuary has many pleasant sand fringed beaches to explore. That, and the right to roam those hills, and you couldn’t asked for a better destination…..just so long as you don’t come while I’m out looking for an unspoiled photographic viewpoint…..

Joking….there’s plenty of space for all….so long as you wear camouflage….and talk quietly….



Still Life

Still Life


A reworking of an old favourite of mine taken in Colin Saul’s amazing shed.

Colin is one of the activists behind the Art & Crafts Trail that takes place in Kirkcudbright at the beginning of August each year and he is an ardent believer in the arts being accessible to all. Not only that but he has a hands on approach to creativity, making art out of found objects, producing environmental sculpture and advocating a non elitist and non judgemental philosophy concerning the arts. Colin, Pauline and Vivien are the essential mainstay of the event. All power to your elbow guys.



Back Lane of Rajkot

Back Lane of Rajkot


Other peoples lives often seem more interesting than our own, as do their homes. Is it just nosiness or inquisitiveness?

I like the details in this scene from the rough and tumbledown quality of the houses through to the cycles, men on ladders and strolling stranger.

Yet I feel like a Peeping Tom. I can excuse myself on the basis that I am making a photographic record. That this is social documentary, and that I am making a statement about the visual qualities; the textures, composition, colours.

In reality I am seeking out poverty, because poverty is more photogenic than is my neighbourhood…….these are specimens…..

.John.M.Smith.’s, Back Lane of Rajkot, Specimen A.



Gregory’s Gang 2

Gregory's Gang 2


We don’t really know what the lives are others are like, do we?

It seems like many of us would prefer to keep it that way and spend our lives behind dark glasses, then no one can see into our souls.

Perhaps that’s because we don’t even know ourselves; about who we are, and what we want.

Maybe those dark glasses are to hide from ourselves as well.

Maybe they are to keep the darkness in, because we can never fully come to terms with that bit of darkness that lurks inside all of us.

There are only two people in this photo that we can ‘read’, the rest are incommunicado.

Eyes really are the windows to our soul.

It takes a brave person to bare their soul

Some days, I don’t feel that brave……



Rajkot Haveli 2

Rajkot Haveli 2


As I have decided to scan the 600+ negatives from my 1997 trip to India, I thought that some of them could appear here, and this is a second view of this time worn but very proud structure.

You may have a vision of Indian towns heaving with people, so this view might provide an alternative and quieter perspective. The young boy has stopped his bike to have another look and the lady returning from her shopping expedition is looking a little warily at the interloper with the camera.

I booked two nights in the Veejay Guest house, then regretted it, but at about £1 a night I suppose it was all that I deserved. At midday I went to the Rainbow Restaurant and had stuffed tomatoes and rice which was divine, so I returned after taking this photo and had another good meal plus ice-cream. Perhaps on this occasion I was lucky. My experience with ice-cream in Indian has been somewhat turbulent, so I wouldn’t normally recommend it!



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