St Francis Church Interior

St Francis Church Interior


A traditional treatment of a traditional church interior.



Heavy Load

Heavy Load


My early morning photography was a productive experience during our brief stay in Katiculam, Kerala and it demonstrates the truth about the light being best either early or late in the day.



South Aisle

South Aisle


Christchurch Priory is a cathedral sized edifice and is as impressive. A view looking east along the south aisle.



Bike Portrait

Bike Portrait


A well used machine. Motorbikes must be particularly difficult to maintain when many roads are dirt tracks and you can see the evidence of the mud that this machine has passed through and yet in many ways they are ideal transport on India’s busy roads and narrow back alleys.

A view taken from the car as we travelled through one of the many towns and villages on our way south through Kerala.



Outside the Spice Warehouse

Outside the Spice Warehouse


A re-edit of this photo brings revisions to the crop and thus the composition as well as to the colour and tonality and it shows that there are so many alternative ways of presenting a photo while still retaining the essential truths of the scene. Not just that, but there is a change of meaning when the relationship of the parts and the arrangement of spaces is changed. In this scene the new revision brings to the fore the relationship of the three men, whereas in the first version the relationship is between the men and the building.

The posture of the man on the right is odd. He looks as if he has been wheeled into position. In fact he could be about to fall off his trolly.



Port Pillar

Port Pillar


The water front here is interesting for the Chinese fishing nets that have been constructed along the coast.

The inscription on the column records that it was erected on 17 October 1890 by JE Winkler, Port Officer.

The other inscriptions say ‘Stick No Bills’, and one appears to be a girls name.

It would seem to be somewhat boastful of someone to inscribe a girls name on such an erection.



The Colour of Spice

The Colour of Spice


Business is slow but the men of authority remain seated and their assistant adopts a more relaxed pose but still leans toward them as a sign of his allegiance. The standing man is slightly edgy and although he may express his opinions, his room for manoeuvre is limited in deference to the seated men.

The colours are interesting and somehow reflect in physical form the aromas that permeate this warehouse.




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