Bicycle Portrait

Bicycle Portrait


Those pastel shades just have to be taken in India.

Sorry, but no people pictures recently…..I’m starting to believe that photos ought to have people in them.

Ah, I’ve found a people picture for Friday…….well, it’s a sort of people picture……but I don’t think you will approve…..just wait and see.



St Michael’s Bridge

St Michael's Bridge


This is the lowest bridging point on the River Nith and it lies just south of the town centre in Dumfries.






It would seem to be the ideal location to perform Tai Chi and then to stand and contemplate the view. I have photos of the man engaged in his slow and fluid movements that is Tai Chi, but perhaps that would be to intrude upon his private moments. Better to join him in contemplation of the view which has a spiritual as well as a physical dimension.

That 1,109 foot rock is known as Ailsa Craig, or Fairy Rock, and it stands 10 miles off the Ayrshire coast opposite Girvan.

Ailsa Craig is a volcanic plug and is the location of a rare micro-granite called Blue Hone. About 90% of the world’s curling stones come from here.

The island is currently on the market for £1,500,00.00 so if you fancy owning a bird sanctuary, I am happy to act as your agent….. !






Pugnacious pirouetting Peugeot, purring powerfully, plunges past.






This photo is a clip from a short video…… short because…… well, he went past in about two and a half seconds….

….. which accounts for a lack of sharpness in the car…… and the image is a combination of a couple of the video frames, an experiment to see if I could give the car more whizz…



I Got His Number ….. !

I Got His Number ..... !


……..I got his number …….. but he nearly got mine.

We had positioned ourselves behind some large sheds just off the  track and I had been watching a photographing here for a while so thought I knew where it was safe to be.

The top photo was taken by John Lindsay and that’s me kneeling in the foreground. The second shot is mine and was taken a fraction of a second earlier as the back end of the car started to break away as it went past me. The surprise of getting blasted with grit left all my photos rather blurred but it does add to the drama. The car ended up facing in the direction it had come and he lost a good few seconds by overdoing his approach to the corner.

Those could have been my last few seconds…..

We were both using long lenses so it the drama seems closer………..but it was close enough, ……. close enough ….!






Entry number 44 leaves the ground over a culvert as it hurtles towards the next chicane.




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